Our inner standards today – entire industry standards tomorrow

‘Enercom’ makes sure its customers are provided with top quality products and service, which is confirmed by all the necessary certificates.

We are enormously critical to ourselves and expect our partners and supplier to have the same attitude to themselves, that’s why their products and services have all the necessary authorizations, licenses and certificates, too.

We have specially developed our inner quality and security standards, which we never fail to follow. These standards are unique since they exceed the requirements stated in the official regulations, which makes it possible for us to be always a step ahead.

All technological solutions are tested according to the acknowledged world methodology.

At the moment we are taking an active participation in the development of a new industry standard together with the leading lighting research institution VNISI (Russian Lighting Research Institute). The new standard combines the latest world achievements and opportunities of up-to-date energy-saving technologies.

We believe that the way to high goals is that of high standards.

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